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Dental Exams & Cleaning

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Dental Exam
    & Cleaning


Dr Zeitouni dentist in Locust NC

Dental exams and cleaning are the most basic dental procedures and must be done at least twice a year to ensure good oral health.  Locust Family Dentistry provides the most comprehensive dental exam and cleaning that is fast, safe and comfortable for both children and adults.

Locust Family Dentistry Dental Exams and Cleaning

During dental cleaning, your trusted hygienist or dentist will remove all plaque from the teeth and gum line and will remove stains from the teeth as well.  After cleaning your teeth, Dr. Wael Zeitouni will thoroughly examine and evaluate your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth.

Dr. Z will conduct any or all of the following dental exams and evaluate your dental condition:

  1. Oral Cancer Screening
  2. Gum Disease Evaluation
  3. Visual Examination of Tooth Decay
  4. Examination of Diagnostic X-rays
  5. Evaluation of Status of Current Restorations

Locust Family Dentistry is committed to providing quality and comprehensive dental exams and cleaning in a safe, clean and friendly environment.  At our Locust, NC dental practice, patient comfort and satisfaction are important to us!

Dental Exams & CleaningBrushing twice daily and visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent Gum Disease which can occur when plaque—a colorless, sticky film (bacteria) that forms on your teeth causes your gums to become irritated, inflamed, and bleed. Over time, plaque builds up underneath your gums and can cause periodontal disease (Gum Disease), leading to bone loss and eventual tooth loss.

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Dental Examination with Dr. Z

Locust Family Dentistry  will conduct  several types of dental examination  to ensure your oral health.  Dr. Z will examine your teeth, jaw, bite, gums, and mouth to prevent any risk of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay.

If you have undergone previous restorative dental treatments such as dental filling, root canal, implants, and extraction, it is best to visit Dr. Z and have your current restoration be evaluated.

New, walk-in and emergency patients are welcome to visit Locust Family Dentistry at 403 South Central Avenue, Locust, NC 28097.  Contact us at 704-888-6247 to book an appointment.

Dr Zeitouni dentist in Locust

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