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Is dental technology necessary to maintain oral health? 

Locust Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing the latest advances in dental technology, to best meet the needs of our patients. 

To make sure your dental care is always one step ahead of the crowd, we stay up-to-date on up and coming dental tools that streamline traditional dental practices. 

The dental technology we utilize in our dental office in Locust, NC can be found in greater detail below.


At Locust Family Dentistry, our team trusts the technology behind the CBCT Panorex..Cephalometric, a new and exciting imaging system. This system is designed to provide the best possible digital x-rays of your teeth, gums, and jaw, all while limiting radiation exposure.

dental x-rays in Locust, NC

We realize X-rays can give our patients pause. We rely on the multi-pronged Green CT 2, because of its high safety rating. This piece of equipment allows dental professionals to select the field of view that best suits our patients’ needs. From imaging for individual dental implants, to a full-spectrum view of the mouth and jaw, we have you covered. 

Using 4 different components (PANO, CEPH, CBCT, and MODEL) the Green CT 2 provides high-quality images at low exposures.


dental technology in Locust, NC

Locust Family Dentistry understands the importance of patient education, and we have the tools to prove it. 

An intra oral camera allows us to quickly and easily create digital images of patients’ mouths. In doing so, we can reach hard-to-see areas. This provides our patients with the best possible education and understanding of their oral health. 

Using intraoral cameras, we are able to take snapshots of areas of need. Our staff can immediately show those images (in crystal-clear focus) to patients. Intraoral cameras help us illustrate treatment plans and causes for concern.


At Locust Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to using the best dental technology.

The TRIOS scanner is no exception. 

In the past, dental impressions have been created using trays and molds, which can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and messy. The TRIOS scanner removes the discomfort and the mess, allowing us to take a digital impression of your teeth and gums. Digital impressions are then sent to our lab via email.

No messy tray required! 

The most significant benefits of the TRIOS scanner include: 

  • Faster turnaround time for dental impressions
  • Fewer appointments required for treatment
  • A lower mistake threshold
  • Increased comfort

TRIOS scanners also allow our team to deliver digital impressions in realistic colors, making evaluation and diagnosis faster and easier. 

Do you have questions about the TRIOS scanning process? Call our office to learn more!


dental sensor services in Locust, NC

In our final technology roundup, we offer the Schick Digital Sensor. The Schick offers another tool for enhanced patient education and increased diagnostic ability. By quickly and easily improving the sharpness and focus of dental images, our digital sensors make diagnosing a breeze. 

Using this tool, the staff at Locust Family Dentistry can more easily determine our patients’ needs and overall oral health. Minute changes to the teeth and gums are visible using Schick’s digital technology.


Our goal at Locust Family Dentistry is to provide our dental technicians with the best in technological advancement. From diagnosing periodontal disease to placing dental implants, we strive to offer our patients the absolute best

For more information about dental technology and how we use the latest advancements to support our patient’s health, contact us today or book an appointment below.



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