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Invisalign is a brand of a clear aligner which is an aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces for treating crooked teeth, teeth gaps, and bite issues like an open bite. It is a removable dental appliance that you can wear for 20 to 22 hours a day and take out whenever you eat or brush your teeth.

Clear aligner trays like Invisalign® are made of a thermoplastic material that becomes hardly noticeable whenever you wear them. Unlike traditional braces, there is no need for an appointment for every adjustment through its unique align technology. Instead, you will receive a set of aligners that are strategically made to move your teeth to their right position on a weekly or monthly basis. Get Invisalign® in Locust, NC today and enjoy its benefits while you straighten your smile. 

Invisalign treatment starts with a thorough evaluation of your teeth and your bite. A 3D scanner will be used to get all the angles of your teeth to help your dentist achieve the best treatment plan for you. On your next visit, you will have the first fitting of your Invisalign tray. 

Throughout your treatment, your dentist will monitor your progress, do some teeth cleaning, and check for any problems that may arise. After your treatment, your dentist may recommend a retainer to ensure that your teeth will remain in their new positions.

Here are the reasons why many patients are wearing Invisalign® over braces:

  • Hardly noticeable and looks more aesthetic 
  • Fewer dental visits and shorter treatment times
  • Removable and easy to use
  • Prevents teeth stains 
  • Less risk for plaque buildup
  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • No diet limitations
  • Less tension on the cheeks and tongue
  • Better teeth alignment in months

The visible changes on the teeth may take around two weeks to six weeks during an Invisalign treatment. The speed of the teeth adjustment varies depending on your condition. In complex orthodontic issues, it may take a while before you see visible results.

Wearing your aligners for the first one to two weeks may cause some tenderness or discomfort as your teeth gradually move. The tenderness will usually subside in the following weeks and when the Invisalign® trays are removed during eating and brushing hours.

The duration of Invisalign® or any orthodontic treatment option depends on the complexity of your dental condition. The average duration of Invisalign® treatment is at least six months for mild cases and a year or more for moderate cases. Your dentist may recommend a retainer after your Invisalign® treatment to keep your teeth in place.

FAQs about Invisalign®

Achieve a beautiful smile with confidence and get your Invisalign® Clear Aligners in Locust, NC today!


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