Dental Problems and Treatments in Locust, NC: How Dental Technology Helps

February 2, 2023

The very first dental treatments and operations are thousands of years old, making dentistry one of the oldest medical professions in the book. Dental treatments have improved quite a bit since dentistry first came about – dental operations, too, have become a lot easier and more effective. 

Advanced dental Technology has made a great impact on modern dental treatments and operations. That’s why Locust Family Dentistry, your top-rated dentist in Locust, NC, uses advanced dental technologies to best meet the needs of patients of all ages. 

Common Dental Problems

Different dental problems affect different daily activities. Treating these problems should be a top priority, which is why our dentists, Dr. Wael Zeitouni and Dr. Enes Maxhuni, urge patients like yourself to schedule a dental appointment if you experience any signs or symptoms of the dental problems below:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a major health concern worldwide. This issue is common in children, teens, and older adults, and it can affect deep layers of the teeth if left untreated. You need to treat all forms of tooth decay before it becomes more serious.

There are several treatment procedures to take care of tooth decay. These procedures include:

  • Fluoride treatments – This treatment is effective if the decay is in its early stage. You can reverse tooth decay and cavities and restore your enamel with fluoride treatment.
  • Dental fillings/restoration- These are suitable when tooth decay has progressed beyond the early stage. Dental fillings are used to fill the cavity or space caused by decay.
  • Dental crowns- These are suitable for worsened tooth decay. Crowns are molded to replace the tooth’s natural crown after the dentist has chipped off the decayed part of the teeth.
  • Root canals- Root canals become necessary when the decay reaches deep into the pulp. This treatment procedure repairs and saves decayed teeth instead of removing them.
  • Tooth extraction- A tooth extraction procedure becomes inevitable if the tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair or saving.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, periodontal disease, is a common dental problem usually seen in adults. In its early stage, gum disease is called gingivitis, during which the gum appears swollen and red and may even bleed. Gum disease is called periodontitis in its severe stage. In its severe stage, gum disease will lead to the gum pulling away from teeth, during which you may experience bone loss. Teeth may begin to loosen or fall out as well.

Treating gum disease should be taken seriously to avoid further complications. Below are gum disease treatments and procedures:

  • Antibiotics- Antibiotics are a good way to treat gum disease. Your dentist may even place a topical antibiotic under your gum to target the affected area.
  • Scaling and root planing- This process allows the dentist to sweep away bacteria from your gum line and smooth your teeth roots to avoid further plaque or bacterial accumulation.
  • Surgical treatments- This treatment involves deep treatment that may involve gum tissues, bone tissues, teeth roots, etc.

Root Infection

Root infections are severe dental conditions that occur after bacteria invade the inner chamber of your teeth due to prolonged and untreated tooth decay or cavities.

Root canals can be quite seriousyou may need to visit your dentist for root canal retreatment to treat root infections. Treating your root infection saves you from discomfort and ensures you maintain healthy oral health.

How Dental Technology Can Treat Common Dental Problems

It can be tough to find time to regularly schedule dental appointments. Thankfully, with advanced technology, getting the dental treatment you need is easier than ever. Dental technology has made dental treatments easier and faster, and it has also increased the quality and effectiveness of treatment procedures. With dental technology, you can achieve optimal dental health with fewer resources, effort, and levels of stress.

Technology-Driven Dental Treatment in Locust, NC

Technology-Driven Dental Treatment in Locust, NC

Getting the cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in Locust, NC that you need is easier than ever thanks to how much dental technology has advanced. Our patients can now have their treatments performed in a short amount of time while experiencing high-quality results.

At Locust Family Dentistry, we provide technology-driven dental treatment in Locust, NC. We are focused on treating your teeth with top-notch dental technology, and we strive to save your teeth at all costs and always make extraction a last-resort treatment. Our technology tools and treatments have been tested and proven to be high quality and effective.

Contact us now to save a decayed or damaged tooth! Schedule an appointment for effective and technology-driven dental treatment.