How to Take Care of Your Oral Health While on Self Quarantine

March 26, 2020
With the pandemic getting closer and closer to home, numerous dental offices have decided to close its operation. Locust Family Dentistry would continue to be available for emergency dental care only, that is if you are experiencing pains, swelling or infections. To help control the spread of COVID-19, the dental...
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Piezotome Dental Machine Infographic

November 6, 2018
The Piezotome dental machine infographic below shows how easy tooth extraction can be with the use of ultrasonic technology. It shows how the Piezotome will work on hard tissue and be non-invasive on soft tissues. Check out the Piezotome Dental Machine Infographic that we produced at Locust Family Dentistry below...
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Top 20 Things to Know Before An Invisalign Treatment

May 31, 2018
Invisalign What is an Invisalign? An Invisalign is an alternative aligner to metal braces, but are clear and made of medical grade thermoplastic.  This is a removable aligner that is easier and more convenient to use. Invisalign can be removed before eating, drinking, brushing and flossing your teeth, or whenever...
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Welcome To Our New Locust Dental Website & Blog!

May 1, 2017
Thank you for stopping by to check out our brand new website and dental blog. We have built this website with our patients and potential new patients in mind to be able to easily find information about the dentistry services we provide for your whole family. Our blog will be...
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