Healthy Teeth For A Perfect Smile

May 31, 2018

Introduction: A Smile

People smile for different reasons.  Some smile because something made them happy.  Others smile because they just have to or because it is part of their job. While a few would smile as a gesture of thanks.

You? Why do you smile?

Why do you think people smile?

The immediate answer to this is “happiness.”  While it is true that people smile because they are happy, such is not always the case.  And inversely, not all who are happy flashes a smile.

A smile can bring happiness

A smile is a facial expression that shows how a person feels.  It may be happiness, amusement, sincerity, agreement, gratitude, even sadness and a lot more.  You may smile for a whole lot of reasons. However, one thing is certain – it is good to flash a smile with a perfect set of teeth.

Life is short, so smile while you still have teeth.

What a Smile Can Do

Do you smile when you meet people – old or new?

How often do you smile?

A smile is something that you cannot give away, but it sure will come back to you!

When you are in a queue for so long and the one next to you smiles at you, wouldn’t you feel like smiling back?

A smile can make a person feel better.  When you smile, it will make others smile, too.  They say that smile is very contagious. So when everything seems crumbling down on you, stop for a moment, and smile.  It may be a forced smile, but it can start to make you feel better.

What a better way to smile than having a healthy set of teeth.  When you smile be confident to flash your teeth. This will not just make you feel good, but it will, likewise, make you feel attractive.  When you feel attractive, it lifts your mood and the mood of everyone and everything around you.

So just flash those teeth and smile, and the world will smile back at you!

Just Smile

They say you are never fully dressed without a smile.

People hesitate to smile because they fear that others would laugh at their cracked, chipped, uneven, discolored, or misaligned teeth.

Of course, this should not stop you from smiling. Just continue to smile. Some may laugh and some may stare, but the end of it all, you’ve shared the most important thing – your smile!  

It may not be perfect, but it sure will spread some happiness.

How to attain that perfect smile?

A smile is said to be perfect when it comes from the heart.  In a more superficial sense, a smile is perfect when you have a perfect set of teeth that you can flash whenever you smile.

Perfect teeth alignment, pearly white teeth, even sizes of teeth – these all make a perfect set of teeth.  

Dr. Zeitouni suggests the following basic ways to achieve a perfect set of teeth:

Maintain good oral health and hygiene

Having a perfect set of teeth should start at a young age. During childhood, preventive dental maintenance should be observed, liked dental cleaning, regular dental exams, brushing and flossing every after meals and visiting the dentist regularly.

Dental Treatments to Smile About

When we smile, the first thing that people may notice is our set of teeth.  This is one reason why people are reluctant to smile, because of chipped or cracked teeth, uneven sizes or color of teeth, misaligned teeth, or there are gaps and spaces in between teeth.

Wondering how we can treat these dental problems?

Over the years, the dental community has devised ways on how to improve the condition of the teeth of their patients.  In this day and age, dentists have sourced to state-of-the-art technology on improving their patients’ dental healthcare needs.

Dr. Z recommends some ways on how to brush-off those dental worries away:

Any of these treatments can help you achieve that perfect set of teeth that will gain you the confidence to smile at anyone and everyone.

he Locust Family Dentistry is one of the many dental offices that helps a person achieve that perfect smile with any of the aforementioned treatments. Dr. Zeitouni is committed to providing high-quality and personal care for each of his patients.

If you are unsure of the type of treatment that suits you, visit Dr. Z at Locust Family Dentistry.  Call (704) 888-6247 to schedule a consultation.