How to Get Quality Dental Care in Locust Without Dental Insurance?

October 24, 2019
How to Get Quality Dental Care in Locust Without Dental Insurance?

Locust Family Dentistry Makes Dental Care Accessible to Everyone

Dental insurance is meant to cover the costs of dental procedures. With dental insurance, you will be able to protect yourself from monetary risks whenever you need to have your tooth extracted, when you need a root canal, or with any kind of dental treatment.

While it has been estimated that 156 million Americans have dental coverage, there are still some people who do not have the means to get private coverage for themselves. Because of this, they do not receive proper treatment for their dental problems.

If you are one of these people who do not have dental insurance, you can still receive great dental care without spending too much. Locust Family Dentistry is a dental practice in Locust, NC that helps patients who do not have dental coverage to receive dental care even without dental insurance. Here are the financing options that we provide.

Financial Assistance

Patients who do not have dental insurance usually have difficulties finding a reliable financing assistance provider that will cover most major dental work. Some financial options offer partial assistance on limited dental procedures while some do not even cover the most common dental treatments.

Locust Family Dentistry will help you achieve optimal dental health by providing financial assistance on all our services. You can now receive proper treatment for all your dental issues even without dental insurance. With our financial assistance program, you can enjoy high-quality restorative and cosmetic dental care without any activation fee.

Investment Plans

Aside from our financial assistance program, we also offer investment plans. You can sign up and receive various benefits on our dental services at affordable prices.

Our Locust Family Dental Plan includes 2 teeth cleanings, 2 periodontal maintenances for disease prevention, 2 routine exams, 2 fluoride applications, 20% off on all treatment with credit card payments and 25% off all treatment with cash or check payments.

On the other hand, our Locust Family Smile Savings plan includes all access to a 20% reduced fee list and all services paid in full day of service. All of our plans are valid for 1 year with no activation fee required.

Affordable Dental Services

Investment plans and financial assistance programs are not the only ways that make our dental services accessible to everyone in the Locust community. We also make sure that everyone will be able to afford the dental care that we provide. That is why we have affordable dental services that fit every family’s budget.

Locust Family Dentistry for Your Dental Needs

Even if you do not have dental insurance, you should not be afraid of the cost of dental treatments and procedures. We will help you get the best dental care that you deserve with our financing options.

Locust Family Dentistry is your number one choice for quality and personalized dental care in Locust, NC. Our team will help you and your family to achieve your dental goals with our cost-effective dental solutions

We will guide you on the best financing options for your dental needs. Contact us for inquiries or book an appointment with us.