Is Pain-Free Dentistry Possible?

December 28, 2019

Is Pain-Free Dentistry PossiblePain-Free Dentistry in Locust

For many people, dental procedures have always been synonymous with pain. Pain is one of the main reasons why many patients who need medical attention for their dental problems do not receive proper care. Because of the painful experiences that they had during previous dental procedures, patients become anxious in getting further dental care.

However, with the advancement of dental technology, dental professionals now claim that they can provide pain-free dental services to patients. Pain-free dentistry is especially beneficial to patients who have dental anxiety so that they can reduce the cause of their fear and lessen or completely eliminate the pain associated with dental procedures.

However, is pain-free dentistry really possible? If it is, how does it work?

Pain-Free Dentistry: Is it a Fact or Fiction?

Because of the nature of dental procedures, patients might think that there is no way that dental treatments can be pain-free. However, with the recent advancement in dentistry, dentists are now able to provide a pain-free and less traumatic experience to their patients. Here are some of the ways that your dentist can get rid of the pain that comes with dental treatments.

Lasers: Laser treatments have been an essential part of dentistry in the present. Laser treatments are commonly used for soft tissue procedures such as gum surgeries. In the past, patients get nervous and anxious at the sight of the knife used for dental surgeries. But with laser surgeries, there is now less blood, less pain and fewer reasons for anxiety.

Laughing Gas: Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is used to manage pain and anxiety in dentistry. It is an effective way to help the patients to relax and be comfortable during dental treatment. Laughing gas is administered through inhalation, and this method is effective for both children and adults.

Composites: Composites and porcelain fillings are less painful compared to metal fillings. In metal fillings, dentists usually have to drill deep into the tooth to create a strong foundation for the filling, but this usually makes the tooth weak and more prone to cracking.

With composites and porcelain fillings, dentists do not have to drill as much tooth because these types of fillings can be secured to the tooth using adhesives.

Benefits of Pain-Free Dental Procedures

Pain-free dental procedures get rid of the patient’s dental anxieties making them more trusting with their dentist. Patients greatly benefit from this because a strong dentist-patient relationship means that their dental needs are always being fulfilled through ways that are comfortable for the patients. 

Pain-free dental procedures will also make you more willing to accept treatments. Without pain and discomfort getting in the way, patients will be more receptive whenever an implant needs to be placed or a crown should be put on the tooth. This will also lead to better oral health for affected patients.

Where to Get Pain-Free Dental Services in Locust?

Dr. Wael Zeitouni and the rest of the staff of Locust Family Dentistry will make your every dental visit pain-free and comfortable. We create a foundation of trust in each of our patients by providing personalized services that address all of their dental needs.

Visit our dental office today for a relaxing and comfortable dental experience.