Locust Cosmetic Dentist Talks About 3 Different Types of Teeth Whitening Strategies

June 7, 2017

Teeth whitening is something that millions of people in the world desire to do for a variety of reasons. The most prevalent reason that people seek teeth whitening is to improve their overall appearance to feel confident while smiling and talking with others.

Yellow and brown stains can get on the teeth from cigarette smoking, coffee and tea drinking, medications, health problems, inadequate hygiene efforts and also some genetic dispositions. Some people prefer to whiten their teeth early as a form of preventative dentistry, too. However, the following are three methods one can use to get the process done as explained by our Locust NC cosmetic dentist.

Purchasing Over-the-Counter Products

 Some over-the-counter products exist that may have the ability to help consumers to lessen their teeth stains. A person can purchase toothpaste with a whitening additive to conduct preventative dentistry on a daily basis. Alternatively, some stores sell whitening mouthwashes and whitening strips. The product prices range from $2 all the way up to $20 and more. The best way for a person to find a reliable over-the-counter whitening agent is to conduct research and read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews can speak volumes about a whitening product and its effectiveness.

Contact Our General Dentist

 Our general dentist may offer a tooth whitening service to the patients that come to our office. An example of a tooth whitening service that our general dentist may provide is a teeth tray bleaching system. Dr. Z makes that patient a set of trays that have a bleaching compound in them and prepares enough trays for the patient to wear for a several-month period. The patient sees the results occur slowly over the course of time. Bleaching trays are one of the oldest forms of whitening that exists.

See a Cosmetic Dentist

 Teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist is one of the most popular types of treatments available. Cosmetic specialists work with the celebrities quite often. Their procedures involve using a compound, but the compound is usually of a gel substance that the specialist can sink into the teeth with a laser. The gels that the cosmetic dentist use consist of a hydrogen peroxide compound. Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely effective substance. The gel treatment usually lasts about 20 minutes, but the patient may have to come back to the specialist several times. Treatment can become quite expensive because of the trip frequency.

An interested person can try any of the aforementioned methods to get his or her teeth white and bright for contact with the world. For more information about teeth whitening, please contact our cosmetic dentist in Locust today for a consultation. We look forward to building your confidence in your smile again!