Resources for Locust, NC

December 3, 2020

Resources for Locust. NC

Locust is the perfect place for those who want to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located 27.5 miles from Uptown Charlotte, the quiet suburb of Locust has everything you need in a community. 

In this post, we’ll share what’s in store for you in visiting our community. Locust Family Dentistry is a dental care provider in Locust that’s proud to share the hidden charm of the town. Let’s get into the rich history, commercial districts, and the tourist attractions you can find in Locust, NC.

History and demography

Back in the day, Locust served as a transfer point between Charlotte and other towns in North Carolina. Since then, the rich history of Locust started and attracted investors to start their businesses in town because of its geographical advantage.

Today, Locust has 3,351 residents, and the majority of its residents are senior- citizens aged 65 above and small families from ages 24 to 34 years old. Its laid back atmosphere is one factor why families and seniors alike love settling down in this town. Thus, it’s ranked as the 2nd best place to live in Stanly County for 2020

Commercial districts and tourist attractions

Most of the commercial establishments in Locust are accessible through NC-27. Despite being a rural town, you can find major grocery stores are available like Walmart. If you’re planning to grab a meal in Locust, here are some of the restaurants where you can dine-in or buy fast food:


Fast Food: 

Note: Operating hours may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Since the town is rich in agricultural land, there are plenty of things to do in Locust, especially in several vineyards, farms, and shops in town. You may have your wedding or visit the beautiful farm Meadows Creek Farm. If you love history, you may also visit the Locust Historical Society and Museum located near the city hall. 

Several medical and dental facilities are also available in the suburb. To access medical services, you can visit Atrium Health Cabarrus Family Medicine. For dental services,  you may visit our team of dental experts to help you with your dental conditions. Locust may be small, but in all aspects, it has everything you need for daily living. 

Living life at the crossroads in Locust, NC

Being dubbed as the crossroads in the 1800s, Locust remains a good vantage point to access the main city and other parts of North Carolina. To this day, residents love the small town for being a peaceful place and its welcoming community.

We’re excited to see more families settle down in Locust and enjoy the tranquil suburb life. As part of the thriving dental care providers in the community, we aim to contribute to what makes Locust the best place to live in Stanly County. We hope to see you around town and experience life at the crossroads.