Top 20 Things to Know Before An Invisalign Treatment

May 31, 2018


What is an Invisalign?

An Invisalign is an alternative aligner to metal braces, but are clear and made of medical grade thermoplastic.  This is a removable aligner that is easier and more convenient to use.

Invisalign can be removed before eating, drinking, brushing and flossing your teeth, or whenever necessary.  And because they are clear, wearing them is unnoticeable.

With Invisalign, you get the benefit of straightening your teeth and not being conscious about smiling with metal braces on your teeth.

Top 20 Things You Must Know Before Getting Invisalign

What do I need to know before getting Invisalign?

Before getting an orthodontic treatment in Locust, NC for your misaligned teeth, like Invisalign, there are a few things you should know.

1. You must be disciplined in wearing your invisible aligners

Wearing Invisalign entails self-discipline.  Invisalign must be worn for about 22 hours a day.  You only need to remove them when you eat and drink. To attain maximum benefit of using Invisalign, you must stick to a routine in accordance with Dr. Zeitouni’s recommendation.

2. Remove your aligners wherever you eat

You can eat anything you want.  Having aligners does not require any strict diet. You just have to make sure that food stuck in between your teeth and along your gum lines are removed.  

Thus, it is imperative that you brush your teeth before putting your invisible aligners back in your mouth.

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3. Avoid sugary, colored and acidic drinks

Can’t live without your morning coffee or afternoon tea?

You may still drink them so long as you remove your invisible aligners before having your ccolored sugary and acidic drinks.  

These drinks can leave a stain on your aligners or may cause discoloration.  If you want to drink while wearing Invisaligns, enjoy the refreshing taste of water.

4. Skip your lipstick

Felt like your makeup is incomplete without lipstick?

Since Invisalign are clear plastic aligners, wearing lipstick, colored lip gloss and lip balm can stain your aligners.  Try a colorless lip balm or other alternative.

5.  Do not smoke while wearing your Invisalign

The yellow stains caused from smoking cannot be removed with washing or scrubbing your aligners.  

Smoking with your aligners on can cause permanent discoloration, not to mention that is it unhealthy to teeth and gums.  If you wish to smoke, be sure to remove your aligners.

6. Be patient with the results

While advertisements and campaigns may say that you can get straighter teeth alignment in days, remember that results are not always instant.  

The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of the misalignment of your teeth.  Thus, you must ensure that you follow your routine, including your scheduled dental visits with Locust Family Dentistry.

7. Your teeth may feel more sensitive

Invisalign are made to work around your set of teeth to move them into a better position.  There may be a constant force while working around teeth movement, thus, making your teeth feel more sensitive.

8. Invisalign should be cleaned on a regular basis

Wearing Invisalign for about 22 hours a day and leaving them uncleaned can cause them to be discolored and smelly.  

Whenever you are not using your aligners, it would be great to wash them properly, soak them in a cleaning solution, and rinse them before using them again.

9. Observe proper oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing after eating and before putting on your Invisalign are a must.  If you use your aligners without brushing or flossing your teeth after eating, harmful bacteria may be trapped in between your teeth and the aligners, which in turn can harm your teeth and gums.

10. There may be difficulty removing the aligners off your teeth

Invisalign are custom made to snugly fit your teeth, and some patients find it hard to get used to pulling the aligners out to eat or drink.  

11. For some patients, their Invisalign treatment may come with attachments

Attachments are tooth-colored buttons placed on certain teeth to allow proper grip of the aligners.  Attachments are more visible and they stain.

12. Invisalign may affect your speech

Similar to metal braces, patients may feel that they have a lisp at the beginning of the treatment.

13. Orthodontic treatments are never painless

While It is true that Invisalign is without metal brackets or wires, it is in no way painless either.  Remember that these clear aligners are made to grip onto your teeth to align them.

As your teeth move to their proper positions, nerve ending in your gums are pulled or stretched as well. This may sometimes cause a stinging sensation in your gums.

However, Dr. Z will give tips and techniques on how to relieve the pain. He will advise you about the proper way of using Invisalign to lessen any discomfort.

But be sure to consult Dr. Z for the most optimum pain relief recommendation.

14. Invisalign may not be the ideal treatment for you

Whether or not Invisalign is the right treatment for you is dependent on the complexity of your misaligned teeth.  By visiting Dr. Z you can determine if Invisalign is right for you.

15. Invisalign may act as a teeth whitener

The happy side effect of Invisalign is giving your teeth a whiter appearance.  When you use a whitening toothpaste while brushing your teeth, the whitening agents are trapped within the bounds of the Invisalign.  Thus, helping your teeth achieve the desired alignment and color.

16. Invisalign is for all ages

Both children and adults can enjoy the wonderful benefits of Invisalign.  Kids, teens, adults and even those in their senior years can undergo this orthodontic treatment. Invisalign can be offered to anyone with misaligned permanent teeth, but with a proper dental recommendation.

17. The cost of Invisalign varies

The cost of Invisalign varies per patient. Each patient has his or her unique dental needs.  Some patients may use lesser number of trays for their treatment than others.  Also, some have insurances that may cover a portion of the cost.

18. Use of retainers after Invisalign treatment

After the completion of your Invisalign treatment, Dr. Z might recommend that you wear retainers when you sleep.  This is to ensure that you keep your teeth in place.

19. You can still date and kiss

Invisalign treatment should not be a dating problem or a kissing issue.  You can still enjoy the perks of your love life even when you are wearing your clear aligners.  

However, for boys, if you notice that your girlfriend or your date is wearing lipstick, be sure to remove your aligners before kissing.  Remember, lipstick may leave permanent stains on your Invisalign!

20-. Choose the right Invisalign provider

How do I know whether to choose a dentist or orthodontist?

Both dentists and orthodontists can provide Invisalign. An orthodontist has an extra year or two of training for correcting bites and straightening teeth.

Dr. Z is experienced with Invisalign treatment.  He provides high-quality orthodontic treatments for each of his patients and educates them on how each treatment is beneficial.  

He will check on the complexity of your misaligned teeth and recommend the ideal Invisalign treatment for you.

Having an Invisalign treatment is a big decision that may affect your appearance as well as your way of life.  

While these clear aligners may help enhance the beauty of your smile, other factors may need to be considered.  

Invisaligns may affect your speech, eating and drinking habits, time and makeup routine, and may even test your patience.

It is always best to consult Dr. Z before getting an Invisalign treatment.  Locust Family Dentistry is the right Invisalign provider for you!