Understand the Importance of Seeing Our Locust Dentist Office at Least Twice a Year

October 18, 2017

Having dental exams at least twice a year is recommended to find problems in the earliest stages. A tiny cavity in a tooth is simple for a general dentist to fill without needing to give you sedation. During a visit to a local dentist office, you can have plaque removed from your teeth to prevent gingivitis. At a dental facility, you can have an assortment of treatments for problems that include:

• Fillings for tooth decay
• Cleanings to remove plaque
• Dental restorations such as veneers, crowns and implants
• Root canals to save an infected tooth
• Fittings for dentures or dental bridges
• Emergency treatment for damaged or dislocated teeth
• Diagnosis of gingivitis or cancerous lesions
• Teeth whitening

One: Treating All Age Groups

A general dentist cares for patients of all ages, including senior citizens, teenagers and adults. For families needing to have an examination for each person, a local dental office that offers generalized services is perfect. Instead of needing to visit a dentist several times each month, you can request to schedule everyone’s appointments in one day.

Two: Keep Track of Appointments

To make sure not to forget your examinations with a dentist, schedule the appointments six months apart on the same day each year. Ask the office staff to send you an email or call you to remind you about the appointment at least one week ahead of time. Of course, if you have any problems between dental exams, you should call the facility to schedule an appointment. In addition, a general dentist is always willing to help with emergencies such as a tooth injury as soon as possible.

Three: Maintain Daily Dental Hygiene

Between visits for dental exams, you are responsible for taking proper care of your teeth. Avoid waiting until a few days before an appointment to begin brushing and flossing thoroughly. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, but there is nothing wrong with brushing more often. To remove additional food particles, make sure to floss your teeth at least once a day.

Schedule Your Family’s Appointments Today

If you have children, then make sure to buy mild-flavored toothpaste and small toothbrushes. Children should also floss their teeth, and there are tasty flavors available, including grape or bubblegum. To schedule your family’s appointments, contact our local dentist office today.