Use Your Dental Benefits Now Or Lose The Chance

October 27, 2020

Use your dental benefits before December 31

The pandemic has given the world a new normal. The new set of health precautions and lifestyle changes that we experience makes it easier to lose count of the subscriptions and plans that we have, including our annual dental benefits. In this article, let’s discuss how you can maximize your dental perks before you lose your chance by December 31, 2020.   

Dental benefits: A financial relief with a ticking time

Many of us wish for perks like dental benefits to last forever. However, dental insurances only last for a year, and they’re about to expire in a few months. If you have a pending dental treatment that was postponed due to the pandemic, using your dental benefits now is the wisest move while you still have time left. 

Our teeth and gums require time to heal and adjust after each treatment. By using your dental benefits early, there’s enough time for you to get the treatment that you need and recover in between. 

What you need to know about your dental benefits plan

A dental benefits plan is usually one of the perks offered by your company. Its primary role is to serve as financial help by covering the whole treatment or a certain percentage of your dental costs. To make the most of your benefits, here are some of the crucial details you need to know before going to your dentist:

Helpful tips to make the most out of your dental benefits plan 

Here are some tips to help you save more from your treatments using your dental benefits plan:

  • The plan coverage depends on the dental services you’ll have. Preventive services like cleanings are usually covered in full. Fillings and other simple procedures are typically at 80% coverage, and restorative treatments are at 50%. Be sure to have an oral exam first, so you can strategize with your dentist which treatment should be prioritized and save enough budget for possible costs on copayments.
  • Frequency limitations are the policies that limit the times you can get a specific dental treatment within a given duration like every three to six months. Conditions under this policy may vary depending on the insurance company. Ask your plan provider for the frequency limitations of your benefits to see what treatments you can maximize before December. 
  • Use your dental benefits as soon as possible because you still have two to three months to get the treatment you need and save on any dental costs. 

Beat the last-minute rush by scheduling an appointment now

Avoid the year-end cramming and fully-booked slots by using your dental benefits now. Doing so allows you to continue your pending dental treatments and prevent any lingering dental condition from getting worse and be more expensive to treat. 

Locust Family Dentistry provides dental services in Locust in partnership with up to 15 insurance partners. We also accept third-party financing from  CareCredit or GreenSky

If you think your plan provider might not cover the treatment that you need, we have in-house membership plans with no annual maximums and other insurance-related technicalities. Contact us now to learn more about our financing plans.