When Should You Schedule an Appointment for Our Dental Extractions in Locust?

July 7, 2023

When Should You Schedule an Appointment for Our Dental Extractions in Locust, NC

Your teeth are essential to having a good diet, so the slightest toothache can cause discomfort, affecting your overall health. Many reasons may cause this pain, and sometimes the solution is a simple extraction procedure done by a dentist.

At Locust Family Dentistry, we provide dental extractions in Locust, NC, to help eliminate tooth pain and dental infection and achieve optimal oral health. Our dentists in Locust, Dr. Wael Zeitouni and Dr. Enes Maxhuni have compiled everything you need to know about our dental extractions as well as answers to your questions and some benefits of dental extractions in Locust.

What Are Dental Extractions?

At this you may be wondering, “What are dental extractions?” A dental or tooth extraction is a clinical procedure where a damaged tooth is removed from its socket on the gum. This procedure may be necessary for several dental issues – dental cavities, crowded teeth, gum diseases, or a fractured tooth.

The space where the tooth was removed is then covered with gauze to allow the wound to form a clot to stop the bleeding.

The Biggest Benefits of Dental Extractions

The Biggest Benefits of Our Dental Extractions in Locust, NC

A tooth extraction can be your best option in the worst-case scenario of a dental disease or infection. Here are the benefits of getting dental extractions.

Reduce Damage 

Cavities are caused by a buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria that cause the teeth to decay. These bacteria in the mouth can be reduced or eradicated if the affected tooth is removed before it causes irreversible damage to the other teeth and gums. 

Pain Alleviation

An affected tooth can cause discomfort and pain, and getting rid of the teeth might be the only solution. The procedure removes the affected tooth that could be severely infected or damaged that is causing pain to relieve the patient.

Stops the Disease or infection

If a dental infection is left unchecked, it will likely spread to the other teeth. So, to save the rest of the teeth, the infected one is removed to stop the spread of the disease

For Optimal Oral Health

We know losing a tooth may be challenging, but in most cases, undergoing dental extraction is the best way to save the damaged tooth and other teeth in the mouth. This is because dental extraction gives you another chance to care for your oral health properly.

Do you need an emergency dentist near Locust? Or do you need to get your teeth extracted quickly? Regardless of how quick and urgent you want your teeth extracted, getting the right professional to help you should be a main priority. You have to get an experienced dentist to help you extract your tooth.

Our dentists in Locust can help extract your teeth and give you the comfort and optimal oral health you desire.

How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After an Extraction?

Dental implants will replace your lost tooth and give a natural look, but they can’t be placed immediately after the extraction procedure. You may be keen on resuming your regular activities and you are thinking, “How long should I wait to get dental implants after an extraction?” Or “How long do I have to wait before I can resume my daily chewing quest?” The quick answer is, you don’t have to wait for long.

After tooth extraction, it takes an average of 48 to 72 hours for patients to resume their regular activities, depending on the severity of the problem, but this doesn’t mean the surgery wounds are healed.

Since the jawbone alone takes several weeks to heal fully, it is not advisable to have other procedures during this period to avoid infection and severe nerve damage.

If you need to undergo tooth extraction quickly, our emergency dentist near Locust, can help you get rid of the tooth and also treat every underlying disease and infection.

Where can I get dental extractions near me?

Once fully healed, visit trusted dentist clinics near Locust to get your dental implant procedures done.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Extractions?

To determine if you are a good candidate for tooth extraction, you must visit your dentist in Locust. Your dentist will run all necessary tests to determine if extraction is the best treatment option for you.

Get a More Confident Smile with Dental Extractions in Locust, NC

Get a More Confident Smile with Dental Extractions in Locust, NC

At Locust Family Dentistry, we offer dental extractions in Locust, NC, to help you get rid of damaged, decayed, or affected teeth. Our dentists specialize in preventive and restorative dental procedures to ensure our patients enjoy optimal oral health.

Because good dentition equals a beautiful and confident smile, Locust Family Dentistry is dedicated to your oral health and helping you build confidence through your smile using the best dental technology

You have probably been thinking, “Where can I find dentist clinics near locust?” Or “Where can I get dental extractions near me?” You need not worry! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us to get your teeth extracted.