Tips to Deal with Damaged, Cracked or Painful Teeth at Home Before Calling Our Locust Dentist

September 6, 2017

Accidents happen. They come without warning. It could be a sudden freak fall that might lead to a crack on one or more of your teeth. The result: excruciating dental pain and discomfort.

It happens at a time of the day or night when getting an appointment is almost an impossibility. With that said, it helps to know of some home remedies that would help provide some comfort until you can reach your dentist. Needless to say it is a serious emergency; a trip to the emergency room at the hospital is inevitable.

Home Remedies for Painful Teeth

 If the crack leads to insurmountable pain, a dosage of aspirin or an over the counter pain killer can be of help. Contrary to belief, avoid placing a warm wet tea bag on your teeth as that would not help eliminate the pain, rather can be an irritant.

Instead of something warm that could increase the discomfort you may want to put a small bag of ice or a cold can of soda near the cheek to help numb the pain. Keep doing this at intervals until the pain reduces. In case the crack has resulted in a chipped tooth and is not all that painful, take a soft emery board and file the sharp edges slowly. You can make it a tad bit smooth so that it does not cut your gums.

If the crack is causing pain, and you do not have medications handy, a couple of cloves from your kitchen pantry can prove to be helpful. Break them from the center and hold it close to the damaged teeth. The oil from the clove will naturally help reduce the pain and has no side effects.

Dental pain can be intolerable. If these simple measures help you get through until you can get to a dentist, it might be worthwhile to try them. Make sure to get in touch with your dentist as early as you can.